Our company, Damar, Inc., was founded in Austin, Texas, in 1998.

Before landing on information technology, with a focus on website design, development, and hosting—which is currently the heart of our business—we dabbled with a variety of industries.

We have seen and experienced Austin, Texas’s development throughout the years. We extend a warm welcome to visitors to our city and hope that they will come to rely on our offerings.

Our purpose

«Advise and provide entrepreneurs with the best affordable web solutions to help them achieve optimal positioning»

Our aspiration

«Be a company that forms a network of mutual learning, where both collaborators and clients take advantage of the available web resources and apply them for the development of their business»

Our principles

Empathy: Listen and understand our clients needs to offer them a suitable solution.

Trust: Demonstrate integrity in each service to build and maintain our customers’ trust.

Commitment: Professionally assume each task and work rigorously to provide optimal results for our clients.